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            Company Profile
            Year Established
            Number of Total Employees
            USD$ NT$10 million
            Export Percentage
            About us

            Corporate Milestones:
            1979: Established and began as a cold-forging sub-contractor.
            1982: Started to turn out finished products as universal joints.
            1990: Developed automated production equipment to enhance efficiency and defect-free rate.
            2000: Purchased a CNC milling machine, which assures exacting specs of processed items.
            Since 2000: Continually develop new items and expand product lines to provide customers with multiple choices.
            Goal: Establish business relationships with customers in various sectors and enhance capability to export to achieve better growth.

            Production mode

            • OEM
            • ODM

            Business Type

            • Manufacturer

            Export Market

            • Europe
            • North America
            • Mainland China
            • Central & South America
            Competitive Advantages

            On-line batch production, perfectly controls production cost and enhances price competitiveness.

            Integrated production process ensures excellent quality.

            Being in a cluster processing-zone enables us to effectively control production schedules.

            Continually developing new items to meet demands.